Different projects - customer satisfaction as common goal

Flat renovation

"Mrs. Grieben was recommended to me by friends. First, she helped me several times with translations into English. Fast, competent and reliable. As a result, as my confidence grew, I hired her for the renovation of the apartment of my 76-year-old father. I couldN#t do it itself, as I live 900km away. This renovation was very important to me and so I entrusted Mrs. Grieben with the planning and implementation. She looked for and supervised the craftsmen, bought the furniture, all in all has managed the entire project. I can only recommend Mrs Grieben. She is extremely friendly, reliable, has always good ideas and can quickly come to a solution."

P. Seroka , Munich (translated by PAservices)

Shoppingguide for Hamburg-newcomer

"I am new to Hamburg with a 5-year-old and 1-year-old twins - obviously not much time to shop and explore. Tina compiled a great list of stores for me that are close to where we live and fitting all my criteria, making it possible for me to quickly find what I need without unnecessary frustration. Wonderful!"

Elizabeth Belcher, Hamburg